Wedding Destination Spots

The term destination wedding invokes a feeling of fun and excitement. Weddings take on another level in planning and execution when they are at exotic locations across the world. Over the past two decades, there has been a remarked shift in the direction that traditional weddings have taken. Almost one-third of betrothed couples wish to have destination weddings surrounded by their family members and loved ones, notes Katie from Orla James.

Most couples seek spots that are unique to their relationship and signify a special meaning to their journey together. The venue, weather, country or locality, dress code, traditions, and customs of these lovely places inspire couples to move farther off the beaten path. Couples who take the plunge and decide to host their weddings in destinations away from their homes choose to celebrate their relationship in brighter light with the help of their friends and family members.

Without further ado, let us look at some of the best wedding destination spots around the world. This list is not exhaustive, and your favourite location might not be on it, but feel free to add your ideas to these places and make your wedding unique.


Maui is too stunning to pass up. Exquisite beaches, sprawling coastlines, delicious food, warm and welcoming locals, and killer sunsets are just a few of the things to look forward to on this beautiful island. With an abundance of hotels and resorts that cater to intimate and large weddings, Maui is a haven for many couples. Not too exorbitant, this beautiful wedding destination is teeming with flora and fauna, virginal beaches, and most importantly, wedding planners.

Almost any venue you opt for will have tie-ups with local wedding coordinators and planners who specialise in destination weddings to Maui. You can include some local wedding customs into your traditional wedding so that you might always hold a special meaning in your choice of destination. Planners will be able to guide you through essential traditions and how you can incorporate them and make them unique to your lives together. Katie from, who reviews kitchen bins agreed that Maui isn’t as utilised as many other locations but is just as beautiful if not more. Try a wedding photographer Sussex if you’re in the area.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley has been one of the most sought-after wedding destinations since it bloomed to its full capacity in the 80s. in beautiful and sunny California, Napa Valley is home to three huge airports, and countless hotels and resorts with easy connectivity making life easier for your guests. Guests wishing to travel further can go to Sausalito, Carmel and take a road trip on the Californian coast. An abundance of land has made hosting large weddings possible on short notice. However, if you plan and book a place in advance, you might be able to avail of cheaper rates and discounts on booking prices for ranches and wineries with beautiful backdrops.


Guatemala is one of the hidden gems in our collection of wedding destination spots. Home to two globally popular locations, the UNESCO World Heritage Colonial city of Antigua and Lake Atitlan. The colonial town hosts the 16th-century monastery Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo, a restored ruin complete with candlelit hallways and walkways. Most of the hotels and resorts are equipped to cater to large and intimate weddings. The landscape is gorgeous with beautiful mountain ranges and untouched natural beauty. Guatemalan weather is perfect all year round so you can have a selection of wedding dates with the backdrops you want.

Udaipur, India

Udaipur, in beautiful India, is known for its royal weddings. The city has sprawling estates like The Leela, The Taj Lake Palace, and The Trident to play host to your entire wedding retinue. With exquisite architecture and old-school charm, Udaipur is a perfect blend of modernity with traditions. The people are warm and friendly, and the food is fantastic. Indian weddings are known to be extravagant with a mixture of colourful traditions and customs. You can incorporate some of the Indian traditions into your wedding or opt to get married in the local wedding clothes fit for royalty. The historical beauty of Udaipur adds to the charm of wedding photographs against old forts, castles, gardens, and Udaipur Lake. has a great guide on india and animals!

New York

The Big Apple is the dream of many betrothed couples and what better start to your future than to have your wedding here? You can choose to get married at the New York Public Library, Central Park, the gardens, or at Times Square. Professional wedding planners can help you plan all the details with florists, arrange venue selection, caterers, decorators, and also help you arrange a meeting with the priest. Celebrations can go on all night long, and the possibilities for reception venues are endless.


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