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Wedding Destination Spots

The term destination wedding invokes a feeling of fun and excitement. Weddings take on another level in planning and execution when they are at exotic locations across the world. Over the past two decades, there has been a remarked shift in the direction that traditional weddings have taken. Almost one-third of betrothed couples wish to have destination weddings surrounded by their family members and loved ones, notes Katie from Orla James.

Most couples seek spots that are unique to their relationship and signify a special meaning to their journey together. The venue, weather, country or locality, dress code, traditions, and customs of these lovely places inspire couples to move farther off the beaten path. Couples who take the plunge and decide to host their weddings in destinations away from their homes choose to celebrate their relationship in brighter light with the help of their friends and family members.

Without further ado, let us look at some of the best wedding destination spots around the world. This list is not exhaustive, and your favourite location might not be on it, but feel free to add your ideas to these places and make your wedding unique.


Maui is too stunning to pass up. Exquisite beaches, sprawling coastlines, delicious food, warm and welcoming locals, and killer sunsets are just a few of the things to look forward to on this beautiful island. With an abundance of hotels and resorts that cater to intimate and large weddings, Maui is a haven for many couples. Not too exorbitant, this beautiful wedding destination is teeming with flora and fauna, virginal beaches, and most importantly, wedding planners.

Almost any venue you opt for will have tie-ups with local wedding coordinators and planners who specialise in destination weddings to Maui. You can include some local wedding customs into your traditional wedding so that you might always hold a special meaning in your choice of destination. Planners will be able to guide you through essential traditions and how you can incorporate them and make them unique to your lives together.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley has been one of the most sought-after wedding destinations since it bloomed to its full capacity in the 80s. in beautiful and sunny California, Napa Valley is home to three huge airports, and countless hotels and resorts with easy connectivity making life easier for your guests. Guests wishing to travel further can go to Sausalito, Carmel and take a road trip on the Californian coast. An abundance of land has made hosting large weddings possible on short notice. However, if you plan and book a place in advance, you might be able to avail of cheaper rates and discounts on booking prices for ranches and wineries with beautiful backdrops.


Guatemala is one of the hidden gems in our collection of wedding destination spots. Home to two globally popular locations, the UNESCO World Heritage Colonial city of Antigua and Lake Atitlan. The colonial town hosts the 16th-century monastery Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo, a restored ruin complete with candlelit hallways and walkways. Most of the hotels and resorts are equipped to cater to large and intimate weddings. The landscape is gorgeous with beautiful mountain ranges and untouched natural beauty. Guatemalan weather is perfect all year round so you can have a selection of wedding dates with the backdrops you want.

Udaipur, India

Udaipur, in beautiful India, is known for its royal weddings. The city has sprawling estates like The Leela, The Taj Lake Palace, and The Trident to play host to your entire wedding retinue. With exquisite architecture and old-school charm, Udaipur is a perfect blend of modernity with traditions. The people are warm and friendly, and the food is fantastic. Indian weddings are known to be extravagant with a mixture of colourful traditions and customs. You can incorporate some of the Indian traditions into your wedding or opt to get married in the local wedding clothes fit for royalty. The historical beauty of Udaipur adds to the charm of wedding photographs against old forts, castles, gardens, and Udaipur Lake.

New York

The Big Apple is the dream of many betrothed couples and what better start to your future than to have your wedding here? You can choose to get married at the New York Public Library, Central Park, the gardens, or at Times Square. Professional wedding planners can help you plan all the details with florists, arrange venue selection, caterers, decorators, and also help you arrange a meeting with the priest. Celebrations can go on all night long, and the possibilities for reception venues are endless.


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Do Tanning Lotions Work?

The sun is out, and summer is just around the corner. Your pale winter complexion is starting to look baleful and sad. It’s that time of the year when you should start looking a healthy golden-brown color and step out with a gorgeous tan. Unfortunately, the beautiful tan comes with a host of issues like sunburn, aging of the skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Excessive sun exposure can also cause skin complications and may also eventually lead to skin cancer. How then is one supposed to get that beautiful tan while being safe from the sun?

The answer to this question is a self-tan. Self-tanning lotions, gels, creams, sprays, and oils are available in the market today. Indoor and outdoor tanning lotions are a fantastic way to enhance the color of your skin while remaining safe from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Tanning lotions, also known as sunless tanning lotions can give your skin a tan color without the exposure to the sun. Outdoor tanning lotions require sun or UV light to activate, but not in the same quantity as actually taking weeks to tan in the sun.

There are plenty of options available in the market today, and it can be slightly confusing while making a selection. Deciding which cream, gel, spray, or lotion to use can be excessively complicated. It’s best to make an informed choice before you pick a tanning lotion off the shelves.

What are tanning lotions?

Tanning lotions enhance the color of the skin and help in activating melanin already present in our skin. Tanning lotions help elongate the tan to stay for longer times while ensuring that the skin becomes darker with exposure to the sun. Tanning without the help of a tanning lotion might burn your skin or severely dehydrate. It can also cause allergies, rashes, and skin complications due to prolonged exposure to UV rays emitted by the sun.

Tanning lotions contain beneficial ingredients and oils that help protect your skin and keep it hydrated, moisturized, soft, and healthy looking. There are different types of tanning lotions. These lotions are broadly classified into three categories – sunless, indoor and outdoor. While selecting your tanning lotion, it is essential to keep in mind your skin type and how you plan to self-tan.


Indoor Tanning Lotions:

Indoor tanning lotions are ones that are activated indoors with the use of UV lamps or tanning beds. Indoor lotions help in tanning safely without requiring the sunlight. They are safe to use in tanning beds and do not harm the skin or the tanning beds.

Tanning accelerators help achieve a nice even tan that gives an accelerated golden hue to the skin. Beginners trying tanning lotions for the first time should opt for tanning accelerator lotions. Accelerators help by providing the skin time to adjust to the tanning process before moving on to darker tans.

Bronzer helps bring out a deep, yet natural tan look to the skin. Bronzers come in three varieties. Instant bronzers that wash off, DHA bronzers that work with amino acids already present in your skin, and natural bronzers that increase melanin production for a longer lasting tan.


Outdoor Tanning Lotions:

Outdoor tanning lotions require the sun to activate. These are ideal for people who still wish to experience the natural tanning process under the sun. All outdoor tanning lotions contain SPF to help protect the skin from harmful effects of sun exposure. Sunscreen present in these lotions helps keep the skin healthy, prevent sunburns, block UV rays, and help protect against premature skin aging.

People wishing to use outdoor tanning lotions should be aware of their skin type, how much time they plan to spend outdoors, personal skin tone, and how dark they want their skin to tan. Outdoor tanning options are available in fair, olive, medium, and dark tones to get you a perfect tan experience.


Sunless Tanning Lotions:

Sunless tanners are the safest option available today. The only drawback with sunless tanners is that they fade away within a few days of application. Reapplication is a must within a week. Sunless tanners need care before use, and the skin should be exfoliated and moisturized regularly to remain hydrated. Sunless tanners do not protect the skin against sunburn and cannot protect the skin against UV rays of the sun.

While there are many tanners available in the market, it is essential to be aware of which product you would be comfortable choosing. Always choose a self-tanning lotion that contains moisturizing, protecting, and hydrating properties. Additionally, the smell of the creams, nutrients present, and SPF also matter while making an informed decision.

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Staying Healthy Abroad

Staying Healthy Abroad

International travel is always exciting and extremely fun to plan. While planning for trips abroad, most people think of travel bookings, hotel or home stays, food, clothing, weather, finances, and modes of transport. No one pays much attention to health. Falling ill or sick during a trip can ruin your holiday and rack up huge medical bills. While traveling has to be fun and adventurous, it should also be sensible. Vaccinations, quality of water, sanitation, and condition of the hotel is something that should be

Every traveler should be aware of the medical conditions or diseases that foreign countries might have. Just visiting a doctor and making recommendations on what to carry for sunny locations, tropical, or equatorial regions is not enough. You should be aware of what you might require before you leave your home country. Discuss your areas of concern with your doctor, get your vaccinations, and then get recommendations on medicines and creams.

Let us look at how you can stay healthy when traveling abroad.

Get medical travel insurance: Medical care in many countries is an expensive affair, and good healthcare can burn a hole in your pocket. Contact your health insurance company and inquire about any medical travel insurance packages that might benefit you. Ensure that you are covered for major and minor illnesses.

Research well in advance: Understand the health and medical risks associated with your planned country before you travel. Preparing for these threats in advance will help you stay healthy. Plan for heat strokes, sunblock creams, hypothermia medications, altitude sickness, and anti-allergy medications. Check disease and health warnings on websites and actively browse through blogs and feedback from other travelers.

Prepare a first aid kit: Always carry a first aid kit for medical emergencies. Always prep your first aid kit with unused medicines and bandages. Ensure that they have not crossed the expiry dates. Some things to carry in the first aid kit are ibuprofen, antiseptic liquid, Tamiflu, anti-diarrhea medication, anti-motion sickness medication, band-aids, anti-bacterial ointment, laxatives, sunblock, antibiotics, aloe gel for sunburns, rehydration salts for recovery from dehydration and vomiting, antihistamines, and hand sanitizer.

Anti-Flu Medication: Tamiflu is an antiviral medication that helps in efficiently blocking influenza Type A and Type B viruses in your body. If you experience fever, chills, body ache, muscle ache, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and tiredness when traveling abroad, there’s an excellent chance you might have contracted influenza. At such times, waiting to get to the doctor in a foreign country is not always fruitful. Always take Tamiflu as soon as you experience these symptoms.

Tamiflu is not a substitute for flu vaccinations but can help block the flu till you reach your home country. It should also not be taken for common cold since it will only work on influenza viruses. Since it is an orally administered drug, you can swallow the tablet with a few sips of clean water. Tamiflu 75mg should be taken for the entire duration of the course (every 12 hours for five days) for it to be effective. Even if the symptoms disappear, continue taking Tamiflu for the prescribed days to prevent the flu from reoccurring. Tamiflu is also safe for children at lesser dosages of 30mg to 60mg. You may ask be asking yourself, where can I buy Tamiflu? It is available over the counter and from online pharmacies and doctor services.

Drink clean water: Most of the times, travelers forget that water matters most. Avoid asking for ice in your drinks when traveling abroad. While your drinks might be prepared in mineral water, the ice used might not be. Unhealthy water can cause severe stomach aches and cramps, and can also start diarrhoea. If you are drinking local water, ensure that it is boiled before consumption to ensure all bacteria are killed.

Hot drinks are always better than cold drinks. Stick to bottled, sealed water and cans of drinks. Wash the cans and bottles before you open them since unsanitary conditions may lead to contamination of the seals. If you want, you could also carry a small water filtration system. Portable, small, and compact, these filtration systems can help you remain healthy for the entire duration of your trip.

Stay hydrated: While visiting cold or snowy climates, people forget to drink water. There also occurs severe water loss when traveling through hot and equatorial climates. Ensure that you stay hydrated all throughout, carrying around an insulated water bottle will mean you’ve always got fluids with you at a chilled temperature. Heat strokes can become very serious if not tended to in time. You can also drink liquids containing electrolytes and energy drinks that keep you well hydrated. In cold conditions, because you do not sweat, you might not drink enough water. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and enjoy your trip.

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Easy Steps For Planning Your Travel

Everyone likes to travel different parts of the world or have some dream destination in mind to go to. Travel makes a person relax and gives a change from the daily routine. It also lets one be adventurous and adds some fun into the boring life. But planning a travel is not at all easy, as deciding on the destination is such a vast thing to come to a conclusion on. Along with the destination planning one also has to decide on the duration or the length of the trip and so on. To make the planning easy below mentioned are some easy steps for planning your travel.

Decide on the Destination: Whenever one plans a travel, he should immediately decide on the destination as it also keeps the mind on track and further working starts from there. It marks a beginning to your travel which is very important. If you want to go adventurous then you can plan trekking in mountains to some good mountainous region. Like this one can decide the reason for going, and then can finalize a destination.

Decide on the Duration: Once the destination is finalized, one should decide on the duration of the trip. As travelling does not happen frequently and when one takes out time from difficult daily routine, then it has to be divided well. So looking towards the time availability one should decide on the trip duration.

Research your Costs: Once the duration of the trip is decided one should look for the amount of expenditure he can afford to invest in that trip. Once the budget is set, then the research work should be done in exploring the options that can be visited and the activities can also be planned accordingly. Most of the times people skips the travelling and accommodation cost to be finally entered in the trip budget, so same should also be included.

Research for Holiday Packages: Once the budget is set and the cost is explored, one can always have a look at the complete holiday package with the running agencies just to check if any new or added deal is there or not, and if the expenses according to these agencies comes to a less mark then one can always go with the agency. So these holiday packages should always be checked.

Stay Inspired and Focused: A lot of people changes the thought of travelling after researching all the required things. Please be focused and inspired as travelling always brings a change from the normal life and it also imparts good knowledge and learning. Therefore, keep feeding that desire that craving in your travel, till the time you fly across.

These steps and tips will definitely make one’s planning quite easy and organized and will limit the vagueness to a specified destination. One can always check if there are any last minute deals with the travel agencies to find the most reasonable package. After following all these steps one can just sit back and relax as the complete travel is planned.

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Top 7 Incredible Travel Destinations of 2018 Where to Travel This Year

The best World travel destinations of 2018.A list of where you NEED to travel in 2018.The cities and countries we recommend as the best places to travel in the world have a lot going on.Places you need to visit in 2018, for your next adventure. Norway,Bali,Maldives,Japan,Bonaire,New York,Hawaii. Travel can be a meaningful way to be an ambassador.The islands are best known for music, a melodic heritage that borrows from all three of its mother cultures and that provided one of the sparks of the modern World.

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